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Come to OBD Interlink Company Ltd, the largest dealer in Industrial Equipment in Nigeria and Africa.
OBD Interlink Company Ltd is the Home of Quality, Reliable and Durable Industrial Equipment at Unbeatable Prices. Visit our Warehouse in Lagos and you will be convinced.

Our Supply Range Include:-

Air Compressors

Available in stock are Mobile and Stationary Air Compressors of varied Engine Capacities and Motor capacities. Also available are three to six Cylinders Mobile Air Compressors and 2Hp to 35Hp Low and High Pressure Electric Motor driven Stationary Air Compressors.
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ColdRoom Equipment

For your Durable and Affordable ColdRoom Equipment including Compressors, Condensing Units, Chillers (5 Tons to 240 Tons), Evaporators (All Sizes), ColdRoom Body Panels, ColdRoom Accessories and other related items ...Click to see all !

Electric Motors

We have in stock New and Fairly used, Single and Three Phase, Foot Mounted and Flanged Electric Motors all imported from Europe, designed and guaranteed to sustain your industry and stop frequent disruptions in your production Process. ...Click to see all !

Other Equipment

In OBD Interlink Company Ltd, we also have in stock other goods imported from Europe such as:
  • Wood Working Machines
  • Diesel and Electric High Speed Fire Fighting Pumps and Engines
  • Generators
  • Steam and Pressure Washing Equipment
  • Light and Heavy Duty Engineering Tools and Workshop Machineries.
  • Diesel Powered Cement Mixers
  • Diesel Powered Forklifts.
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We also have in stock Reliable and Strong Pumps manufactured in Europe to meet your requirement and to give you the highest level of Performance.

TYPES: Available Pumps include:

  • Drainage Pumps
  • Submersible Pumps
  • In-line / Transfer Pumps
  • Centrifugal Pumps
  • Vertical Pumps
Also in stock are several other Pumps for Chemicals, Mud and Sand.
These Pumps come in Single and Three Phases.
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Welcome to OBD Interlink Company Limited ! Home of ColdRoom And Other Industrial Equipment ! In Partnership with Industries In Nigeria And Africa ! OBD ...For Quality Industrial Goods at Unbeatable Prices!

Why Choose OBD Interlink Company Limited?

OBD Aims:
  • To ensure the use of Quality Industrial Equipment and Parts in the Production Process.
  • To Supply Nigeria Industries with Durable Industrial Equipment that stand the test of time.
  • To Restore the Confidence of Nigerian Industrialists that, their Equipment once installed, their Technicians can go to sleep without worries. This is a sure guarantee on Durability of Equipment supplied by OBD.
  • To provide not just Durable and Standard Industrial Equipment but at the same time are affordable to all Industries, irrespective of size. 
  • Our Equipment are sold exactly as Imported, no Alterations or change of Identity of Products.